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Article 01/03/2014 EPA To Release Study On Hydraulic Fracturing In 2014 Published
Article 01/10/2014 Promoting San Benito Community, Arts and Non-Profits Published
Article 03/10/2014 Hollister Is Working On A 5-Year Plan Published
Article 03/26/2014 CMAP Board of Directors Move Forward On New LPFM Radio Station for San Benito County Published
Article 03/29/2014 U.S EPA Supports Natural Gas Extraction/Fracking Published
Article 04/01/2014 Hydraulic Fracturing and Groundwater: a Southern California Water District's Perspective Published
Article 04/07/2014 Californians For a Safe, Secure Energy Future Announces Outreach Effort Published
Article 04/29/2014 San Benito County Water District to Review San Benito Rising Local Water Claims Published
Article 05/07/2014 American Water Works Association White Paper On 'Fracking' Published
Article 05/01/2014 SB 4 Requires Identification of Chemicals Used in 'Fracking' in 2014 Published
Article 05/13/2014 State to Reorganize Drinking Water Program Administration Published
Article 05/15/2014 U.S. is Top Natural Gas Producer in the World Published
Article 05/27/2014 Obama Energy Agenda Includes Increase in U.S. Gas and Oil Production Published
Article 06/21/2014 Farming and Fracking: A Farmer's View Published
Article 05/31/2014 California Senate rejects statewide fracking ban Published
Article 06/09/2014 New EPA regulation could hasten demise of coal-fired power plants Published
Article 06/04/2014 San Benito Rising: Wag The Dog Published
Article 06/06/2014 Governor Brown appoints new oil and gas supervisor Published
Article 06/09/2014 Congressman Farr bill discourages federal prosecution of medical marijuana Published
Article 07/09/2014 State Water Board Public Meeting to Develop Criteria for Groundwater Monitoring Related to Gas/Oil Wells Published
Article 07/26/2014 COMMENTARY: KQED talks fracking in San Benito County Published
Article 08/08/2014 COMMENTARY: U.S. Senate Report Ties Anti-Fracking Movement to Elitist Billionaires Published
Article 08/18/2014 COMMENTARY: Vote No on Measure J Published
Article 08/21/2014 COMMENTARY: Energy Evolution: New Company Converts Natural Gas to Gasoline Published
Article 08/29/2014 COMMENTARY: State Senate Works to Increase Fuel Prices in 2015 to Discourage Fossil Fuel Consumption Published
Article 09/07/2014 COMMENTARY: Measure J: A Fractured Fairy Tale Published
Article 09/07/2014 Local Musician Zachary Freitas Releases New CD: "Bitter Vanilla" Published
Article 09/12/2014 COMMENTARY: California Water Law Protects Water Resources Published
Article 09/20/2014 COMMENTARY: San Benito Measure J and Santa Barbara Measure P Similarities Published
Article 10/21/2014 COMMENTARY: Measure J and San Benito County's Future Published
Article 10/22/2014 COMMENTARY: U.S. to pump more oil than Russia in 2014 Published
Article 10/26/2014 COMMENTARY: Measure J takes its toll on the community Published
Article 11/22/2014 Calling All Musicians In San Benito County Published
Article 12/26/2014 COMMENTARY: CMAP/KQKE Community Radio: A Worthwhile 2015 Resolution Published
Article 01/02/2015 COMMENTARY: Benito Link + CMAP: A Multimedia Marriage for San Benito County Published
Article 03/09/2015 COMMENTARY: PV2 Solar Project In Potential Jeopardy Due To Loss of Tax Credits Published
Article 03/20/2015 Local Musician/Band to Perform Online Concert Published
Article 04/19/2015 Lessalt Water Treatment Plant holds open house Published
Article 05/07/2015 COMMENTARY: CMAP-TV failed SBC, will not support KQKE radio Published
Article 05/16/2015 COMMENTARY: CMAP survey down under, neglects Latino community Published
Article 05/22/2015 Local band Kizmet to perform at Farmers Market Published
Article 06/08/2015 Radio group appeals CMAP decision to not support KQKE Published
Article 07/03/2015 Local/regional bands to perform at motorcycle rally Published
Article 07/14/2015 COMMENTARY: CMAP Sustains Death Knell for KQKE/LPFM, Supporters Urge Supes' Help Published
Article 07/16/2015 COMMENTARY: Low Power FM Emergency Broadcast System: Fires, Storms, Floods and Earthquakes Published
Article 08/03/2015 COMMENTARY: KQKE LPFM radio construction permit deadline nears Published
Article 09/17/2015 County Planning Commission Approves San Juan Oaks/Del Webb Project Published
Article 09/24/2015 COMMENTARY: The Politics of Cannabis in San Benito County Published
Article 10/07/2015 COMMENTARY: Supervisors Listen to Constituents, Overturn Medical Marijuana Ban Published
Article 10/29/2015 Friends of the San Benito County Free Library Celebrates 35th Anniversary Published